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Siffron Transition Faqs
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Listed below are a few questions and answers surrounding the merger of FFR and Southern Imperial into siffron™:


1.    What’s happened?

a.     On August 3, 2017, a final purchase agreement was executed between FFR Merchandising, Inc. and Southern Imperial, Inc.  Going forward, the combined entity will assume the name siffron™.


2.    What is siffron?

a.     While both the FFR and Southern Imperial brands carry their own unique brand identity, we felt it appropriate to capture the strengths of each brand under a unified parent.


3.    ­Will the FFR and Southern Imperial brands still exist?

a.     Yes, both brands bring different value to our customers, and we plan to leverage the unique strengths of each brand.


4.    What will change for me?

a.     At this point, nothing will change in how you interact with FFR and Southern Imperial.


5.    Will I maintain my current contacts at FFR and Southern Imperial?

a.     For the most part, yes. We have, however, realigned our sales, customer service, and support teams across the entire company to provide better coverage to our customers.  Any changes in support will be communicated through our sales team.

6.    How does the change impact how I place my orders?

a.     At this time, there are no changes to how you place your orders.  For items you currently purchase from FFR, you’ll continue to place your orders with FFR and be invoiced by FFR.  And, for items you currently purchase from Southern Imperial, you’ll continue to place your orders with Southern Imperial and be invoiced by Southern Imperial.  


7.    Will there be any changes to how I receive my invoices and make payments?

a.     At this time, there are no changes to how and from which company you receive invoices and make payments.  We will communicate any and all changes with due notice as the companies continue to integrate.