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Merchandise high theft items in a shopper-friendly product dispenser. This solution provides a time-delay before allowing another item to be dispensed.

Power-1™ combines shopping convenience with robust theft protection. traditional anti-theft cases keep shoppers waiting for assistance. the Power-1 allows shoppers to quickly and easily retrieve merchandise. After one product is dispensed, a time-delay blocks all facings to prevent sweep.

Product Selection




Out-of-Stock Notification

power 1


power 1 dispense


power 1 restock
Shoppers press a button to select an individual product which is immediately dispensed into the tray below.


After an individual product has been dispensed, lights in buttons flash and no additional items can be dispensed for a preset amount of time.


If an item is out of stock, the corresponding button will remain illuminated to signal store associates to replenish product by unlocking and pulling the drawer unit forward.

For more information about Power•1™, Fill out our contact form or
call toll-free (800) 747-4665, (815) 877-7041.

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Data added: Monday 08 July, 2013