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Kinetic Wire Shelf

Front-facing Wireframe Display Shelf

Kinetic Wire Shelf

 Improve product visibility and shelf organization

Keep shelf areas organized and product accessible using our new Kinetic Wire Shelf from Southern Imperial. The Kinetic Wire Shelf features a special, ultra-slick coating, allowing product facing easy with 7º angle standard needed to gravity feed products. Add the all-in-one pusher/divider to face products with the shelf mounted flat.

Weight-tested to handle up to 100 lbs, the Kinetic Wire Shelf is lightimpulse-4weight, installs in seconds, and fits into standard gondola uprights with no mounting tools required. Dividers quickly install along the shelf to create the display area that fits the size of their merchandise.

The Kinetic Wire Shelf is available with a clear front fence and pop-in dividers (sold separately), and comes in three shelf depth sizes: 16”, 18”, and 20”. Perfect for a wide variety of packaged products, see how the Kinetic Wire Shelf can enhance product display while reducing labor!

Kinetic Wire Shelf

Part # Description Pack
R-KMS-W4816-K 48” W x 16” D Kinetic Wire Shelf 2
R-KMS-W4818-K 48” W x 18” D Kinetic Wire Shelf 2
R-KMS-W4820-K 48” W x 20” D Kinetic Wire Shelf 2
R-KMS-D163L 3” T x 16” D Pop-in Divider 50
R-KMS-D183L 3” T x 18” D Pop-in Divider 50
R-KMS-D203L 3” T x 20” D Pop-in Divider 50
R-KMS-D161L 1” T x 16” D Pop-in Divider 50
R-KMS-D181L 1” T x 18” D Pop-in Divider 50
R-KMS-D201L 1” T x 20” D Pop-in Divider 50
R-KMS-F482 2” Front Fence 10
R-KMS-F484 4” Front Fence 10
R-KMS-PD16L 16” Pop-in Divider w/ Pusher 10
R-KMS-PD18L 18” Pop-in Divider w/ Pusher 10
R-KMS-PD20L 20” Pop-in Divider w/ Pusher 10


Download the Kinetic Wire Shelf Solutions Guide Today!

The Kinetic Wire Shelf can be mounted at an angle, providing a gravity-fed solution to facing merchandise, or horizontally where a low strength pusher system can be applied to keep merchandise organized. The result is a simple solution to minimizing shelf facing labor and retail upkeep.

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Data added: Monday 23 April, 2018