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New Data-Trax Styles

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Save labeling cost and display pricing and
promote products with ease!

The new expanded selections of Data-Trax™ extruded price rails provide more options for product labeling and pricing at the shelf edge. Data-Trax™ is a simple shelf solution allowing retailers to utilize less expensive paper tags for price marking, which takes less time to change out than adhesive labels. Data-Trax™ is a perfect solution for mounting price rail extrusions along a longer span, giving more pricing and promoting flexibility.

Data-Trax™ for Wood Shelving

datatax for wood shelving
  • Easy to read labels with a
    12° kick out.
  • The hooded top keeps dust and debris out of channel.
  • Attaches to .75” to .875” thick wood or laminate shelves.
  • Material: Rigid PVC
  • Holds up to 1.25”H
    tags or signs.

Adhesive Data-Trax™

adhesive data trax
  • Utilizes double coat adhesive for adhering to flat surfaces.
  • The hooded top keeps sign holders in place.
  • Works with adhesive and non-adhesive labels.
  • Can be used on smaller shelf displays.
  • Holds 1.25” labels.

Data-Trax for Double Wire Shelves
with Flexible Hinge

flexible hinge data trax
  • Fits standard double wire shelves.
  • U.V. stabilized lens.
  • Features c-channel on outside for additional price tags or signs.
  • Holds up to 1.25” tags or signs behind the lens or in the additional c-channel.
  • Custom widths and colors are available.

Data-Trax™ for Slotted Shelves

data trax for slotted shelves
  • Dual purpose label holder.
  • The C-Channel lip aides in opening the lens.
  • 35° angled front.
  • Holds up to 1.25” tags or signs behind the lens or in the additional c-channel.
  • Fits onto shelves with slotted fronts such as Royston.
  • Designed for snug fit into slotted shelf channel.

Data-Trax™ for Single Wire
Freezer Shelves

data trax for freezer shelves
  • Designed to fit single wire freezer shelves and Royston OTP shelves.
  • Holds up to 1.25” tags behind the lens.
  • Lens is .022” thick for optimal view of price tags.
  • Soft PVC bumps help grip shelves and wire.

Data-Trax™ Snap-In Dual
Price Tag Channel

data trax snap in dual
  • Dual purpose label holder.
  • Separate standard pricing with sale tags with dual purpose window/c-channel.
  • Curved back allows for easy fitting to shelf channels.
  • Holds up to 1.25” tags in shelf channels including Lozier and Madix shelves.
  • The C-Channel lip aides in opening the lens.
Data added: Wednesday 02 April, 2014